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Dustless blasting, also known as wet blasting, is an improved form of sandblasting that introduces water into the blasting process.

Dustless blasting, also known as wet blasting, is an improved form of sandblasting that introduces water into the blasting process. Using a mix of water and abrasives limits the amount of dust and debris produced when working on a project. At STX blasting, we provide dustless blasting services to clients who want a clean, efficient, and pocket-friendly alternative to power washing, chemical cleaning, and traditional sandblasting.

The mess-free and environment-friendly blasting solution

Growing concerns about environmental pollution and the ever-present need to blast surfaces and equipment on a job site without disrupting ongoing operations have seen our dustless blasting services grow in popularity. Today, we cater to a diverse range of needs, from residential clients who would love our services without worrying about inconveniencing their neighbors or family members to industrial and commercial clients who have a renovation project but want to keep running their daily operations.

Similar to our sandblasting services, dustless blasting can be used to clean and prepare most surfaces, including:

●       Metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and copper

●        Fiberglass

●       Powder-coated surfaces

●       Wood

●       Concrete

●       Bricks and stones

●       Tiles

●       Walls and floors

●       Heavy equipment

●       Autos

●       Oil and rig platforms

Benefits of our dustless blasting services

Are you looking for an efficient way to clean those dirty surfaces? Or do you want to remove rust, old paint, coating, grime, and other contaminants from a surface or equipment? Our dustless blasting services are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations as this blasting method offers unique advantages, and the primary ones are:

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Outstanding dust suppression

Using a mix of water and non-soluble abrasives ensures that no dust plumes or contaminants are released during blasting. Instead, the trapped dirt, old paint, coating, mold & algae, and rust are suppressed and fall to the ground. This translates to easy containment and a guarantee that the job site will remain clean and suitable for use by other parties as we go about your restoration project.

Safe and efficient

Our dustless blasting processes do not produce dust plumes or ignitable sparks, making them 100% safe for use in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. You will notice that our workers do not have to wear full-blast suits as no toxic material will be used or released while working on your project. As an extra plus, our advanced techniques and equipment enable us to do more than strip away old paint, coatings, and rust as they actually clean the surface or equipment we are working on, leaving them paint-ready.

To save you from worrying about flash rust, which is common on metallic surfaces that have just been paint stripped, we will use rust inhibitors whenever necessary. This will leave your metallic surfaces and equipment paint-ready for up to 72 hours after we complete cleaning them.

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No warping

Dustless blasting does not produce heat, as the introduction of water prevents friction. As a result, this blasting method will not warp thin metals, unlike sandblasting, which produces heat due to the friction between the abrasive material and the surface being cleaned or stripped. This makes it an excellent choice when working on a renovation project where surface heat or friction can cause damage to the material or equipment being cleaned or stripped.

Wide range of applications

Our dustless blasting services do come in handy for a wide range of applications, including:

Automotive stripping

Blast away paint, body filler, and rust on your car using a faster, cleaner, and more efficient method by opting for our dustless auto stripping services. The best part is that we can blast any part of your car as our processes will not cause warping. As such, you can trust us with the entire car body as well as those fragile engine parts that need to be cleaned up.

Graffiti removal

Forget about pressure washing; our dustless blasting will help you get rid of graffiti without destroying the original material, be it concrete, bricks, or a metallic surface.

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Wood restoration

Dustless blasting is a quick and efficient way to restore wood as it can be used to strip wooden surfaces of dirt, paint, lacquer, stain, and other coatings. Whether you need an entire building given a fresh touch or would love to have your patio furniture cleaned up, we have you covered.

Surface cleaning

We can give your home, office, or industrial facility a fresh look by blasting away all that dirt, mold & algae, grim, oil & grease, and other debris away without causing disturbances to your neighbors or operations.

 Refinery maintenance

Refinery maintenance has never been easier than with our dustless blasting services, which can eliminate all types of contaminants in one easy step. The best part is that you do not need to shut down operations as our team can work alongside your workers.

Powder coat removal

Removing powder coatings is always a huge challenge, but not when you choose our dustless blasting services, which take off even the toughest coatings in seconds.

Marine anti-fouling paint removal

Our dustless blasting services will help you get rid of the anti-fouling paint at the bottom of your boat in a fraction of the time you would spend if you were sanding or grinding. As an extra plus, our processes will not damage the underlying gel coat for a paint-ready boat.

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