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STX Blasting is a locally owned and operated dustless blasting and sandblasting company dedicated to serving the residents of Harlingen, Texas and its surrounding areas. We take pride in being a customer-driven business that is wholly mobile and ever a phone call away from addressing your needs. Our primary goal is to make your residential, commercial, and industrial restoration projects simpler and more affordable.

As a company invested in your satisfaction, we leave nothing to chance, thanks to our comprehensive approach to managing projects. Right from the start, we will take our time to evaluate all possible variables that might impact your project to help us prepare for the job. We will further discuss your expectations, such as project timelines, on-site hazards, and other vital factors that might come into play while we are handling your project.

We have also taken the time to carefully select and build a solid team comprised of highly trained, qualified, and experienced professionals. With our team, quality is not an afterthought; rather, it is the primary defining element of our service delivery. This is why all our services are guaranteed, and we never count a project as completed until you assure us it meets your expectations.

Make the right decision for the success of your restoration project!!

At STX Blasting, we have a record and reputation for doing more than the basics when it comes to Harlingen sandblasting and dustless blasting services. With an ultimate combination of a competent management team, the highest grade of equipment in the industry, and certified professionals backing our operations, you can rest assured we will deliver perfection for your project.

Remember, no job is ever too big or too small for us! Simply Contact us today and let us give those surfaces and equipment the shine they deserve for a proper restoration!!

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