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At STX Blasting, we offer an extensive range of general sandblasting and dustless blasting services. With the state-of-the-art equipment we have invested in and the team we have in place, no project is ever too big or too small for us. As a matter of fact, most of our customers are often surprised at our capacity and the great diversity of our services.

So, before you give up on those surfaces and equipment that have proven to be challenging to clean and restore, give us a call today, and we will offer you the right solution for your project.

Services we offer in Harlingen, Texas

Commercial Applications​

Are you a small business, commercial contractor, or mega-company planning to handle some renovation projects? We can help hasten the cleanup processes by providing:

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Powder coating removal

With our dustless blasting, powder coating removal becomes a simple and quick process whereby you actually get to see results by the minute. You will also get to avoid the dangerous and more expensive chemical stripping while having the confidence that we will blast away even the most difficult coatings.

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Paint stripping

Let us save you time on paint stripping by blasting on any surface that needs to be cleaned up or repainted. We can have your commercial properties, parking lots, steel structures, road stripes, and other surfaces cleaned of old paint for a fresh look.

Masonry cleaning

Do you need concrete, brick, or stone surfaces cleaned? We provide masonry cleaning services at unbeatable rates, so you have an easy time when renovating that commercial property or space.

Graffiti removal

Get rid of graffiti on walls and restore their original beauty by opting for our dustless blasting services. Our methods are not only the fastest solution you could ever opt for, but also the most effective as your walls will get back to their original state with no sign of any markings.

Wood cleaning

Erase fire damage and remove old coatings on wooden surfaces with our dustless blasting. Since dust is suppressed, we can easily work indoors and give you the clean-up your commercial building deserves.

Industrial applications

Working with industrial equipment and materials comes with the responsibility of ensuring they are regularly cleaned up. Equally, industrial renovations are quite demanding and require maximum attention for success. Luckily for you, we can help make these projects easier to manage through our services that include:

Heavy equipment cleaning

We can help you clean up all off-shore industrial equipment regardless of size. You will further love that with our processes, you never have to be concerned about warping or hazardous exposures as we do not use harsh chemicals or excessive heat.

Refinery maintenance services

Perform refinery maintenance quickly, safely, and efficiently without having to shut down operations with our dustless blasting. Whether you want to remove the toughest surface coatings, paint, primer, rust, or other contaminants, we will have your refinery cleaned up in no time.

Metal building cleaning

Blast away the rust, contaminants, and old paint on your metallic industrial towers, monuments, and buildings by hiring us for this critical phase in your renovation project. Our processes are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so you never have to worry about the health and safety of anyone who will be on-site.

Grease and oil removal

Get rid of grease and oil in your industrial facility or equipment by having us blast these surfaces.

Residential Applications

Give those hard-to-scrub surfaces in your home a fresh touch by opting for our mobile dustless blasting services in Harlingen, Texas. Some of the surfaces we can help you clean include:

●       Sidewalks and driveways

●       Patio and patio furniture

●       Swimming pool and pool deck

●       Walls and floors

●       Iron fence

●        Antiques

●        Exterior surfaces

Automotive applications

Strip the paint off your car without wasting time sanding, scraping, and grinding by opting for our sandblasting and dustless blasting services. With our techniques, your car or an entire fleet will be ready for repainting in shorter durations and at affordable rates. For automotive applications, you can count on us for:

●       Powder coating removal

●       Rust removal

●       Chrome removal

●       Undercarriage and frame cleaning

●       Paint stripping

Note: Our solutions are perfect for restoring all types of vehicles, be it classic cars, modern SUVs, trucks, trailers, or heavy machinery.

Are you still worried that we have not mentioned your project here? We handle 100s of projects, and the abovementioned categories are a generalization of what we do. For all inquiries on how our mobile sandblasting and dustless blasting solutions in Harlingen, TX, can suit your project, reach out to us today!!

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