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Sandblasting, also referred to as abrasive blasting, is the process of using solid abrasive materials to clean and smooth surfaces. At STX Blasting, we offer mobile sandblasting services as an alternative to traditional approaches such as hand sanding, scraping, and grinding. As our client, you will love that our techniques and processes are up to par with the latest technologies and regulations, making them a safe and cost-effective solution for your residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive projects.

An eco-friendly mobile sandblasting solution

Unlike traditional sandblasting, which presents a lot of health hazards since it uses silica sand, which creates plumes of harmful dust, our mobile sandblasting is hinged on eco-friendly techniques. Instead of silica sand, we use safer alternatives that produce outstanding results and can be used for a broader range of projects.

The primary categories of sandblasting services that we provide are:

1. Media blasting

As the name suggests, media blasting utilizes small particles of special abrasives to clean and smoothen rough surfaces. The most popular media we use are crushed glass, steel grit, coal slag, aluminum oxide, acrylic, and walnut shell. Since these abrasives are available in different sizes and have various properties, we will get to pick the perfect media for your project depending on the needs at hand.

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Nevertheless, our most popular media blasting technique is glass blasting, which is easily reusable and produces the least amount of dirt or debris. Also, unlike other media types, it is more consistent in particle size and does not contain trash. It is also versatile and can be used on lots of surfaces.

In the end, our eco-friendly media blasting solutions come handy for most projects as they can be used on almost any surface, including:

●       Wood

●       Fiberglass

●       Tiles

●       Concrete

●       Limestone

●       Walls and floors

●       Metals such as copper, aluminum, & stainless steel,

●        Autos

●       Heavy equipment

●       Powder-coated surfaces

●       Pools

2. Soda blasting

Soda blasting is a non-destructive form of cleaning surfaces using sodium bicarbonate applied with compressed air. This method was first used in 1972 to clean up the Statue of Liberty as an alternative to copper, a harsh abrasive that would result in surface damage. The biggest advantage of using soda is that it is a water-soluble media with alkalinizing and electrolyte replacement properties, making it an excellent option for cleaning most surfaces.


Since soda blasting is gentler than media blasting, it is the go-for solution when you need a surface cleaned and restored without the risks of warping, scarring, and other potential damages. At STX Blasting, we use soda blasting for many projects, including:

●     In the auto industry, for cleaning thin metals and parts that can easily be damaged. These include pistons, blocks, heads, and internal engine parts.

●     Fire restoration as soda blasting helps eliminate the strong odor and remove soot on the remaining structure and framing.

●      In commercial kitchens, for cleaning buildups on food processing equipment, as sodium bicarbonate is non-toxic and will not pose any health risk after the cleanup. In the printing industry to clean print presses and anilox rollers of ink buildup without damaging their fragile surfaces

●     In the marine industry, for removing paint, mold, barnacles, and other elements off the bottom of boats without risking having the gel coat damaged.

●     In graffiti removal, especially on glass and soft surfaces that could get damaged with media blasting.

Benefits of our mobile sandblasting services

As a highly sought-after mobile sandblasting company in Harlingen, TX, we guarantee nothing less than top-of-the-line services. Whether you need our sandblasting services as a surface preparation solution or part of the finishing process, we guarantee:

 A fast and efficient process

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, and you can always rely on us for fast and efficient sandblasting services. With our team ever ready to get to a job site, we will handle and complete your project within the stipulated timeline, regardless of how big your project might be.

Thorough cleaning of your surfaces and equipment

Our sandblasting experts have mastered the best techniques for cleaning up the toughest surfaces and equipment, a primary reason why we always deliver stellar results. This is why we are the Harlingen sandblasting experts to call if you want to save time and money without compromising on quality.

A paint-ready surface or equipment

Our sandblasting processes will not only remove dirt and debris from your surfaces and equipment but also smoothen the object or surface, leaving it paint-ready. This will help you avoid further costs in your renovation project.

Do you need result-guaranteed mobile sandblasting services?
Give us a call today!

At STX Blasting, we have a record and reputation for doing more than the basics when it comes to Harlingen sandblasting and dustless blasting services. If you want the highest quality of work for your project, simply contact us today and let us give those surfaces and equipment the shine they deserve!!

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